Fiestas de Sant Joan - Ciutadella de Menorca

The most famous of Menorca's fiestas

Sant Joan is an accumulation of sensations and experiences that are not forgotten.

From the fourteenth century on June 23 and 24 of each year are celebrated in Ciutadella the famous festivities of Sant Joan, a festival that leaves no one indifferent.

The presence of the so-called "qualcada" (entourage of horses) fill the streets with horse smell and human warmth, Ciutadella is full of people, party and celebration.

From the Sunday before June 23, when "Es dia des be" (day of the lamb) is celebrated as a non-stop celebration and events that recall the traditional pilgrimage that was celebrated in the fourteenth century when a delegation of riders went to Sant Joan de Missa an emblematic hermitage that is located very close to Ciutadella de Menorca.

Over the years this "qualcada" has been made up of "cavaller" and "caixers" the latter representing the four social strata: the nobility, the church, artisans and peasants, who for two days, on June 23 and 24 walk the streets of the beautiful city of Ciutadella from act to act winding through its narrow streets full of locals and visitors who come to Admire a tradition that has nothing to do with those of other places.

In the morning soon "el caixer senyor" prepares while the "fabioler" the then sheriff of the city mounted on a "shallow", a donkey is responsible for going in search of the "caixers" from house to house while visitors and non-visitors enjoy the show, Later they are joined by the "Cavallers" riders who will make up the "qualcada".

Sin deora will walk through the streets of Ciutadella to go to Sant Joan de Missa where the mass of "caixers" is celebrated and then return to Ciutadella and start with the show of the horses.

The streets are filled with the aroma of horseback a noble and strong animal that displays all its power among the people, alleys, squares, corners ... are filled with party and party aroma, all Ciutadella is a celebration.

We recommend you follow the program of parties so as not to miss an act, the medieval tournament des Pla where riders at full speed on their horses try to ensarar the "ensortilla" a ring of no more than five centimeters in diameter, the entrance of the caixer Senyor in the place des Born moment in which the party breaks out and the music where without No doubt you will put the peos as escarpias.

In the afternoon of the 23rd while celebrating the mass of "caixers" in the Contramurada de Ciutadella is celebrated "ses avellanes" a fight with hazelnuts that leaves the streets full of hazelnut shell and feeds the party, always with prudence and without malice, are moments that fill Ciutadella with party.

Without a doubt those of Sant Joan are the most emblematic festivals of the island of Menorca its protocol maintains and preserves every moment of this spectacular celebration.

We can not forget to talk about the true protagonist of the festivities of Sant Joan, the Menorcan breed horse, declared as a breed in 1988 by the Horse Breeding Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, after years of conservation and relative of the Mallorcan horse and the Catalan, the latter already extinct, the Menorcan horse is very appreciated both in dressage and for work although for many years it has been bred only for the celebration of the festivities of Menorca.

It only remains to wish all the ciutadellencs and ciutadellenques as well as the many visitors a happy holiday in Sant Joan, hoping that everything goes as  it should and that the streets of the beautiful Ciutadella are filled with parties and celebration.

A lot of caution to everyone and the truth is that much better not to abuse alcohol, the party is enjoyed contemplating and celebrating with the friends and friends touring every corner of Ciutadella and taking advantage to sail with the Red Party to the best coves in the south of Menorca, because everything is not revelry, a little relaxation in the crystal clear waters of Menorca also comes in handy.

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