Menorca and the Port of Mahón

Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993, it is the second largest of the Balares Islands.


The northernmost of the Balearic Islands, Menorca has always been the most natural and wild island of all the Balearic Islands, a fact that led to its declaration as Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by UNESCO.


With its 701 km2 Menorca is located off the coast of the Spanish east and contains a large number of virgin beaches and natural spaces that have come almost intact and wild to our days.


Several coincidences, the local industry and the desire of its inhabitants to preserve the island of Menorca led Menorca to preserve beautiful landscapes and a large number of virgin coves despite its privileged location west of the Mediterranean Sea and being a strategic enclave and very coveted in other more analog times than the current ones.



Its coast, bathed by the crystal clear waters that characterize the Balearic Sea is full of corners and stories that will not leave you indifferent, its defense towers of the eighteenth century through which its inhabitants watched the coast of possible invasions, its megalithic constructions called "taules" and the imposing "talaiots" From where it is believed that the horizon was watched are unique in the world.



To the east, we find the huge port of Mahón the 2nd largest natural harbor in the world after Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, full of history and anecdotes you can tour it with our boat, the Don Joan, a catamaran with underwater vision that is well known these waters and their Most hidden secrets.


The Menorca Biosphere Reserve protects both its natural and ethnological heritage, because Menorca preserves beautiful and old cultural, architectural, gastronomic traditions, etc. that make it a very special place.


Phoenicians, Romans, British, Arabs, French all passed through here.


Menorca combines endless legacies that over the centuries have shaped a place and unique traditions that will not leave you indifferent, a boat trip through the wonderful port of Maó will delight your holidays.


For an hour we walk through its waters bordering the Isla del Rey, the Lazareto, the beautiful fishing port of Cales Fonts as well as Cala Teulera where formerly anchored a large number of ships from all corners of the world waiting to overcome the quarantine.


Mahón capital of the island of Menorca is located on a cliff that gives it a privileged position and offers a wonderful walk with all kinds of restaurants, bars and activities that you can enjoy while walking.


You will find us in the Don Joan, in the sea, at the foot of the center of Maó always ready to set sail to tour the coves that make up this beautiful port that we never tire of traveling.

Then you can go up to the center of Mahón in the new elevator that will offer you beautiful panoramic views.

Located less than 50 meters from Don Joan it will take you directly to the Mercado del Carmen nerve center of the city and from where you can walk its countless streets, as well as visit the places of interest.


The church of Santa María with its famous organ, the Plaza de la Constitución with the beautiful City Hall building as well as the most commercial streets of the city where you will find all kinds of local products, Mahón cheese, the famous Gin Xoriguer, the famous Menorcan abarcas and endless things to see and visit.


After a boat trip the city center will be a wonderful end of party to remember, enjoy its cultural and gastronomic offer you will love.


And at sunset the Sun illuminates the waters of the Port of Mahón, a spectacle that you can not miss, so if you are still here do not hesitate and return to the port or come to one of its countless viewpoints to enjoy the colors that dye the sea and the buildings that surround it.


We hope that our post will help you organize your day in our beautiful city of which we are proud and eager to share with you and yours, its views, its streets and corners will not leave you indifferent.

Oscar Montón -