Unspoilt beaches of Menorca

Menorca and its pristine beaches will not leave you indifferent.

Menorca has endless pristine beaches that you will love.

The easternmost island of the Balearic Islands hides an endless number of beaches called virgin because they are preserved in their natural state, without buildings, with roads that give difficult access by land and are enclaves where you can breathe wild nature.

These coves are almost always hidden and their visit sometimes requires a walk through forests and paths that you will love but many of them are better accessed by sea and anchored to enjoy its crystal clear waters with a different perspective. From the sea you appreciate the immensity of the forests that surround them and understand better why they are called virgin.

The Camí de Cavalls gives access to endless corners and coves that often require a good physical shape to bequeath to them and that is where our boat comes into play the Fiesta Rojo, a traditional boat, made of wood, as were before the boats that every day without fail departs from the beautiful port of Ciutadella de Menorca to sail the sea next to the coast and the cliffs of the south coast of Ciutadella to stop at three of the most beautiful of our coves.

First we anchor in Son Saura a cove open to the sea and to the south with white sands and crystal clear waters that will not leave you indifferent, we will swim and contemplate nature in all its grandeur and then head to Cala'n Turqueta where after a masterful maneuver of our experienced crew we will taste a paella by the sea.

Our crew are good connoisseurs of the sea and Menorca, they can always tell you some curious anecdote of Menorca, the sea, Ciutadella. Cala'n Turqueta is one of the most beautiful virgin coves of Menorca, flanked by pine forests that give off a charming smell is formed by two small sandy areas surrounded by pine trees and what we here call "marina". Its trees hang towards the sea providing luxurious shadows.

In Cala'n Turqueta we can see one of the traditional "cases de borera" of Menorca where once fishermen and local holidaymakers went to spend their days of rest or just some fishing with friends. You will see how in the past ramps were carved in the limestone rock to be able to throw into the sea the small boats they used to go fishing. Currently this house belongs to a family on the island that enjoys it as before, as a place of meeting and rest.

Many of the virgin beaches of Menorca were exposed to the maelstrom of tourism, when anything goes, but the perseverance of the Menorcan people and their love for the land made these beaches today still a stronghold of nature, that and the historical difficulty of access to such beautiful places. Currently the Camí de Cavalls gives access to places that once had only access by sea since access by land was through private properties was not always possible.

The south coast is full of almost white limestone cliffs that together with the large posidonia meadows that surround Menorca feed our white sand beaches, sands that in turn give the beautiful turquoise color to the seabed of our coast. It is not a bad idea to bring a mask and tube to explore the seabed and see how the fish sometimes shy and sometimes not so much enjoy the waters of the Biosphere Reserve.

Because Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve since 1993, when UNESCO awarded this award to our island for its almost perfect balance between human activity and nature, the sea, forests, agricultural and livestock life of the island are a heritage to be jealously preserved.

Later we will raise anchor and head to Macarella and Macarelleta one of the jewels in the crown of Menorca, to complete our boat trip there is no better place, its white cliffs with strategically placed pine trees are a picture difficult to forget. From there we will head to Ciutadella  crossing again the south coast heading west to the lighthouse of Artrutx in the cape of the same name, a cape that we will double and from which on days of good weather we will be able to glimpse the coast of our neighboring island Mallorca, we will guess the silhouette and contours of the highest and closest points of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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