Secure payment

VISA and MasterCard have developed a system for making secure online purchases. The secure e-commerce payment system requires the issuer of the card (bank, savings bank, or other entity) to identify the cardholder before authorizing payment via Internet. is registered with this security protocol and hence, once all products to be purchased have been selected and all other subsequent data has been introduced relevant to said purchase, a window that connects to the banking entity opens and requests identification.

Your debit or credit card's data and your password are protected by the security system (via SSL protocol with https connection) from the moment of their entry and shall at no time be provided to our company.

Once the bank has verified identification, will receive confirmation that the cardholder has completed the transaction satisfactorily and will complete the order. If card identification is not correctly completed, the banking entity informs of this fact and the order is cancelled with no charges whatsoever made to your card.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a security service that protects against the unauthorized use of your MasterCard or VISA. It is a simple system given that there is no need to obtain a new debit or credit card, nor download any additional computer applications, nor pay any additional fees whatsoever. “MasterCard SecureCode” or “Verified by VISA” execute additional steps for authentication so as to protect your account from unauthorized Internet users. If you wish to learn more regarding the 3-D Secure payment system, click on MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by VISA.

Payment via Google Pay

You can also pay via Google Pay. To be redirected to Google Pay at the end of your order you have to select Google Pay as the payment method.

If you are already a Google Pay customer, you can confirm the payment by indicating your user data on the Google Pay page. If you're new to Google Pay, you can sign in as a visitor or open a Google Pay account to confirm payment.

We will send your order after receiving your payment. Normally, payments via Google Pay are completed in a few minutes.

If you pay via Google Pay , you will always receive a confirmation of your order. Keep in mind that in some cases processing errors may occur on the Google Pay web pages.

If you want to return items, the amount will be credited to your Google Pay account. Then you can decide if you want to use the balance of your Google Pay account directly in Google Pay or if you prefer to transfer it to your bank account. You can manage this in your Google Pay account.